Joseph Smith Chronology

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On April 24, in the life of Joseph Smith



April 24, 1842

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith preached on the hill near the Nauvoo Temple concerning the building of the temple.

History of the Church, Joseph Smith 4:601

April 24, 1832

Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith arrived in Independence after traveling first by steamboat and then an additional 300 miles by stagecoach.

April 24, 1843

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith took his children on a pleasure ride in a carriage.

History of the Church, Joseph Smith 5:369

April 24, 1837

Geauga County, Ohio. Martindale v. Smith: Plaintiff by his attorney Hitchcock filed his declaration with Geauga Court of Common Pleas clerk D. D. Aiken. The declaration stated the indebtedness: $5,000 on October 11, 1836; $6,000 on February 20, 1837; $7,500 on April 25, 1837.

Sustaining the Law: Joseph Smith's Legal Encounters, Gordon A. Madsen, Jeffrey N. Walker, and John W. Welch