Joseph Smith Chronology

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On November 21, in the life of Joseph Smith



November 21, 1841

Nauvoo, Illinois. The first baptisms for the dead in the Nauvoo Temple were performed in the temple font in compliance with Joseph Smith's instructions regarding the ordinance.

History of the Church, Joseph Smith 4:454

November 21, 1835

Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith and the other members of his Hebrew class decided to request a Jewish teacher from New York.

November 21, 1842

Nauvoo, Illinois. Ex parte George Brown: On habeas corpus (Nauvoo Municipal Court): Petition for writ of habeas corpus on charges of larceny. Brown posted $200 bail, and case was heard before the Hancock County Circuit Court.

Sustaining the Law: Joseph Smith's Legal Encounters, Gordon A. Madsen, Jeffrey N. Walker, and John W. Welch